Welcome to REAP

Welcome to the Rwanda Education Assistance Project family!

REAP is dedicated to building the capacity of a complex rural public school, in order to develop a healthier and more engaging learning environment that can be replicated in other rural communities in Rwanda.

If you’ve made it to our site, it means that you are dedicated to commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide and supporting the rebuilding of Rwanda by giving children access to quality public school education.  With your help, our 20 For 20 Rwanda campaign can help REAP secure the resources necessary to teach, nourish, and empower current students at the Duha Complex School in rural Rwanda as well as scale up to other schools.

This site gives you the opportunity to join our mission: helping to ensure that genocide never again strikes in Rwanda. Learn more about REAP’s unique current initiatives, read the profiles of current Duha scholarship recipients, and discover how you can become an active part of our fundraising campaign.

Thank you for your support. You are part of a project that will truly have a lasting impact on Rwanda’s future!